OAR Life

28 January, 2020

Runaway from yourself

Running away from himself was the drama of Saint Augustine, escaping from himself, standing outside the interiority, going outside, to externally find the satisfaction of his […]
30 October, 2020

Lamp and Compass

The Sacred Scriptures ought to be the lamp and compass for those who follow St. Augustine, serving as their guide in prayer and in life towards […]
19 January, 2021

Augustinian Way to Vocational Discernment (Part 1)

St Augustine also discerned his vocation as a “servant of God” Words of St Augustine himself: “For many days I had been debating within myself many […]
6 October, 2021

Walking with others…

Vocation leaders are servants of an encounter with Christ and we always walk in the Church and with the Church. It is therefore urgent to open […]