Augustine Recollect Sisters of the Sicks

The congregation lives the spirituality and charism of its Founder Father Sebastián López de Murga OAR, who always reflected the joy of being a religious and priest, faithful to his Christian convictions and the Augustinian spirituality. This led him to form the San Ezequiel Moreno Foundation that was gradually spreading in Spain; To extended it in time, guard and energize this specific charism, he founded and the Congregation of Augustinian Recollect Sisters of the Sick, who dedicate themselves to the service of the sick, bringing relief, comfort, human and Christian warmth to the people who go through a situation of illness, loneliness and pain, especially those suffering from cancer. The congregation strives to build a community that is a model of coexistence in which freedom and solidarity come together. “The charismatic identity of the congregation manifests itself primarily through the testimony of consecrated life, unifying person and function, so that the doing expresses the being.… To perform the provision of this apostolic service the sisters will visit the sick in the places where they are and will care about their spiritual and material needs”.


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How do I know if I have a vocation to religious life?
If the life of prayer, the Eucharist, the meditation of the Word of God, sharing in community and the passionate about a spiritual life and a special apostolate makes you happy, you may feel that it is God's call to consecrate your life to Him.
What does it mean to be an Augustinian Recollect Sister of the Sick?
Being a restless woman who seeks God and from the spirituality of St. Augustine, wants to live in community and serve the brothers who suffer from the disease and loneliness.
What is the process of discernment?
It is an accompaniment that starts from the question of St. Paul to Jesus Christ: "Lord, what do you want me to do? (Acts 9, 19), and among expectations and fears, workshops, personal meetings, encounters and pastoral activities, so the young woman acquires the necessary tools to answer the call of God.
What steps should I follow to enter the Order?
1. Communicate with the sister in charge of vocation ministry. 2. Start the discernment process that goes from 6 months to a year. 3. Pass the letter requesting to enter and to live the experience with the sisters
What is the formation itinerary?
Initial formation: 1 year of postulancy; 2 years of novitiate, 6 years simple vows and finally the perpetual vows after you enter in the permanent formation.
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