Our charism can be synthesized in one word: COMMUNION. First, the fundamental reason we have gathered in the community is to live in the house with the same feeling and have only one heart and one soul in God. (cf. Rule 1, 2). The Communion of God, of the Trinity, which is the source where our life flows to God in Christ, an imitation of the primitive Christian community through interiority, fraternal life in community, seeking and worshiping God, loving him without measured from contemplation, work and common life in day by day, feeling and anticipating on earth the life of heaven. All of this with a purity of life that makes us being prophecy and testimony of the supremacy of God in our world.



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Augustinian Recollects Nuns



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Augustinian Recollects Nuns of Mexico


How do I know if I have a vocation to contemplative life?
If you feel the desire, the restlessness in your heart towards “something else” of everything you live every day, and you are looking for something that fills you, that makes you happy, that gives you peace, joy, like prayer… then you may be calling to a contemplative life.
What does it mean to be an Augustinian contemplative recoleta?
Sanctify yourself within the Recollect Cloister, assume the spirit of the Order and the spirit of our founders St. Augustine and Mother Mariana de San Jose.
Being an Augustinian Recollect nuns means living from the Augustinian charisma of fraternity , the purely contemplative life that is the continuous search for the face of God , walking in his presence and company , wishing to be with him and make our whole being and work , a continuous prayer. Being an Augustinian Recollect also means being a missionary from the cloister of the monastery that lives freely and joyfully its surrender to God in prayer , for the Church and humanity , we are not unaware to the needs of the Church , but as a daily offering we raise our cry from the heart to God , imploring mercy and love for all humanity .
Love to God and spread it to the sisters. Unlimited charity , first to God and then to the sisters. Life of fraternity and unity, not as a beneficial coexistence, but united in God we sanctify ourselves in the community. In an environment of prayer and sacrifice.
What is the process of discernment?
After feeling a personal call, an inclination for a life of prayer, or an emptiness that invites you to look for something greater, get in touch with a sister or community with whom you can experience a lifestyle of silence, reflection and prayer and listen to the voice of the Lord that challenges you inside.
What steps should I follow to enter the Order?
1. First of all, make a serious and mature discernment about the contemplative religious vocation. 2. Be 16 years old or older. 3. Have the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. 4. Contact the vocational promoter to guide you in a vocational discernment and participate in activities such as encounter to respond, accompaniment that help you to clarify the call. 5. Value physical and psychic health.
What is the duration of the training itinerary?
The formation itinerary has a length between nine and twelve years.
The initial formation is a privileged time in which the candidates for the contemplative monastic life have a special accompaniment by the nun on charge of the formation and the community. In this period she is introduced to the following of Christ through our Augustinian-Recollect charism, gradually assuming and integrating his personal gifts with the authentic and characteristic values ​​of her vocation.
The initial formation is structured in three consecutive stages: the postulancy, the novitiate and the time of the temporary vows where the candidates grow and mature until they finally assume monastic life.
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