As its name shows the Augustinian Recollect Missionaries is a missionary congregation born in the mission and for the mission cultivated in a special way: charity, humility, simplicity and joy. We have a father: AUGUSTINE, a restless heart man who lived friendship in community. His ideal was to live as the first Christians, united in harmony seeking God. The religious lifestyle that he projected for his communities is to live unanimously and in harmony in the house of the Lord and to have one soul and one heart in God, without calling anything of his own, but having everything in common. RECOLLECTS because every missionary disciple Augustinian Recollects, discovers every day that in her own history and the history of humanity, she is loved, cared for and guided by merciful God; so that living this conviction of faith, she announces with joy and courage the person of Jesus and where he is, strengthening ties of fraternity with those around her, especially with the simplest and weakest. This conviction of faith is born and strengthened in the daily encounter with God the Trinity, who goes out to meet those who seek him with sincere and humble faith in the Sacred Scriptures, prayer, the Eucharist and other sacraments.


Hna. Sandra Patricia Maldonado Gómez



How do I know if I have a vocation to religious life?
Because you feel an invitation that moves you inside and you want to look for what it is, you don't know how to explain it but something new is born. In others words, you feel a restless heart calling you to seek God.
What does it mean to be an Augustinian Recollect Missionary (MAR)?
It is to follow the Lord to an experience of life that is delivered from the mission, lived in community for others and fed and strengthened from the encounter with The God Trinity.
What is the process of discernment?
Once she gets in touch with the a counselor or vocational promoter, she will help her in a discernment itinerary through encounters will guide the way, she will be able to make an experience in a community and will set the goals according to the personal process.
What steps should I follow to enter the Order?
Just get in touch with the vocational promoter and then follow the steps that are necessary in the process of discernment and accompaniment.
What is the training itinerary?
The training itinerary has established stages where times may vary according to the processes. Within these stages is the Aspirant, Postulancy, Novitiate and religious of simples vows before the definitive consecration.
Agustinos Recoletos