The life experience of Saint Augustine and the renewal passion of the Recollection have inspired us to respond the call to serve the Catholic Church where she needs us.

To be an Augustinian Recollect is to learn how to love the most needy by building communion, living as a pilgrim who seeks the City of God in constant personal and spiritual growth and working with joy and hope to make with all one soul and one heart towards God.

As religious we seek to live the day-to-day following Christ, guiding our life with the experience of chastity, which is an undivided love that is given to God and the Church; poverty, as beings totally dependent on God, the Father, living in simplicity that helps us to give ourselves without chains and obedience, listening to the voice of the Father who asks us to respond with generosity to the need of the Church in the places where she needs us and in the service of the poorest.

Summarizing, we are restless hearts like you who seek to live fully the gift that God the Father has placed in us, our life; and achieve the precious hidden treasure by which we will sell everything: happiness.

Augustinian Recollects Formative Intinerary



How do I know if I have a vocation to religious life?
We will never be sure of what God wants from us, but with different signs, decisions, and meetings, we can discern and discover what God wants from our lives, do not forget that God is a present God, and always asks us new answers (1 Samuel 3) After a time of personal discernment and spiritual accompaniment, it is possible to discover if everything is mere thoughts or a call from God. God reveals himself in the simple, the desire to ask yourself about the vocation; it can already be a sign that God wants something with you. The vocation is closely linked to our dreams and our desires, God calls us to "x" vocation and wants us to be happy, to like deeply and to do what we do with love, and with a passion ... I have to like serving others, to serve with love.
What does it mean to be an Augustinian Recollect?
Being an Augustinian Recollect means being a happy person, an active Christian and a religious pilgrim passionate for God and for life. It is a way of life and a way of being and serving in the world, according to the example of Saint Augustine following in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ.
What is the process of discernment?
The verb to discern is in relation to the word understanding. Therefore, in this process we try to discern or understand together what God is asking you. It is a path that we do in different stages, in which we offer an integral accompaniment, but each stage has its objectives. Postulancy, novitiate, theological studies, pastoral insertion … etc.
How can I discover the call of God?
If you have personal desire or concern, it can be a clear sign of vocation. With that desire, a response process begins, and in that process you discover if that really is the vocation with which you want to serve the Lord and the one he offers you as a means to live the following of Jesus. Some attitudes to see if you have a vocation to religious or priestly life can be: if you like to serve others, you’re motivated to evangelize, if you have compassion for the poorest, if you like to communicate with God, and you like to share in brotherhood of brothers...
How long is the formation itinerary?
The path or itinerary of formation, has its beginning with your “Yes, I want to follow you Lord”, after that decision, you become a pilgrim who walks in daily formation. In the Order of Augustinian Recollects, we divide the formation into two great stages, the initial formation (until the solemn vows) and the permanent formation (until we get the ticket to the Father's house).
Agustinos Recoletos