Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters

Saint Augustine made Christ’s law of fraternal charity the foundation of his communities, and specified common life as one of its distinctive signs. “Who are those that live as one, except those whose minds and hearts are one in God, who claims no ownership of their own but share everything in common?” (Constitutions, Chapter 1, Art. I # 3)

The Augustinian Recollect way of life is a harmonious blend of contemplation and action.  This proceeds from the double -end of the Congregation: a continual conversion, and habitual union with God or Recollection, and an apostolic, pastoral and missionary activity. (Constitutions, Chapter 1, Art. II # 4)

Contemplation is an essential goal and activity of the Augustinian Recollect religious. It is also a process of thought and prayer, by which a sister habitually strives to make her mind and will a closer likeness of God and of Jesus Christ. (Constitutions, Chapter 1, Art. II # 5)

The AR Sisters chooses to participate in the teaching mission of the Church through the Apostolate of Christian Education. The Congregation is ready, within the limits of its capacity. To open itself to other apostolic works according to its resources and to the more urgent needs of God’s people: care for the unfortunate in orphanages, social and pastoral works, dormitories, retreat houses, home for the sick and elderly and promoting the liturgy of the divine worship. (Constitutions, Chapter 1, Art. II # 6)

The Charism of the Congregation is Contemplation that leads to Apostolate and always lived within and done from the Community.


Sr. Cynthia Franco Camuta
Secretariat on Formation

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How do I know if I have a vocation to religious life?
The vocation to Religious Life is a gift from God. He calls us to his service and we must respond to his call with joy. A heart in love feels the desire to please God in everything, to live very close to Him and, as a consequence of that love, it gives itself in service to the poorest and needy, because in them he (God) wishes to comfort that loving heart. It´s necessary to discern, pray and discover where our true mission is, because no one is completely happy in another vocation to which she was not called. We´ll only feel fully happy where God has dreamed us, where He has arranged for us to serve Him Our Mother, Blessed Mary of St. Joseph, said: "The true vocation gives strength for everything."
What does it mean to be an Augustinian Recollect sister?
We are spiritual daughters of the great Father and Doctor of the Church, Saint Augustine of Hippo and of the first Venezuelan Blessed Mother Maria de San Jose. We cultivate the virtues of religious life through interiority, fraternal community and charity at the service of the poorest.
What is the process of discernment?
It is a process of accompaniment, personalized, which will develop the experience of God's love and the call. Through interviews, meetings, vocational encounters, congregational activities and life experiences (spiritual, community and apostolic) we will interpret, guide and purify that project of God, according to the specific style of our Congregation, always open to the Holy Spirit action. The testimony of life and formation play an important role in this process, in which the young woman and the Vocation Ministry team, in common agreement and step by step, will discern the reality of the call and the personal capacity of the response, according to our charism.
What steps should I follow to enter the Congregation?
When a young woman approaches us or through this medium she manifests her vocation and would like to see more closely what we are and what we do the Augustinian Recollect Sisters, the first step is to invite her to one of our communities to meet and chat with her. Together we will see if really your motivations to choose for the Augustinian Recollect Religious Life are valid and if, in general, it does not present impediments to assume it as the fundamental option of your life. If the young woman decides to start the itinerary, she has to contact with our Vocational Promoters because they are the ones who have the task of leading the Vocational Accompaniment processes to the young people, organizing meetings, encounters, life experiences and days of personal and group work. This process of discernment is based on the opening and disposition of the heart.
What is the formation itinerary?
The first stages of formation (Aspirant, Postulancy and Novitiate) last between four and five years. The juniorate (which begins after the first vows) has a duration of five to nine years, as indicated in our Constitutions. We believe in a personalized formation process, so that each person is granted the time and space necessary to assume the formation and personal growth of each stage.
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